UT Opera's Middlemarch in Spring


“In 'Middlemarch in Spring', lighting and projections designer Maranda DeBusk was invaluable in supporting the story with images that many professional houses would envy.” -KnoxToday (Full Article: Here)


"The lighting and projections by Maranda DeBusk painted the hanging cloth set with both color and visual references that supported the rhythm, flow, and emotional premise of the opera." -ArtsKnoxville (Full Article: Here)

Mockingbird Collage.jpg

Nashville Children's Theatre's Mockingbird

"Maranda DeBusk's projections provide a context for what happens onstage, drawing the audience deeper into the story at every turn." -BroadwayWorld
(Full Article: Here)

Cape Fear Regional Theatre's Dreamgirls

"Of special note is the work of Lighting Designer Maranda DeBusk. It happened before I realized it, but the lighting itself became a supporting character, adding not only colors and hues, but changing tone and emotion as the performers sang and danced." -Up and Coming Weekly (Full Article: Here)


Centre Stage's Ghost: The Musical


“... a dazzling light display by award-winning designer, Maranda DeBusk....” -Carolina Curtail Call (Full Article: Here)