Feels like I was just here in Asbury Park not that long ago!

About a week after I got home from my last LYT Adventure, Doug called and asked if there were any chance that I could swing through the LYT Headquarters in NJ while I was in NYC for the Portfolio Review. How could I argue with an invitation to spend Memorial Day at the shore?

Once we had wrapped up NDPR, and Nevena and Chris had hit the road back to Knoxville, I hopped a train from Penn Station down to Asbury Park. My first night in town, we biked along the beach and through the shell of an old warehouse building. We listened to local music and chilled out a little before the work began.

This LYT Adventure was very exciting. For the first time, we were installing the wall in a yoga studio. In particular, in a yoga studio that is interested in converting one of their walls into a LYT Wall. 

In this one day event, we set up the frame, installed the lighting, did some interviews, tested some new equipment, and invited community yoga practitioners to come experience the effects of light and sound on their flow. For three hours, folks came in and did yoga, meditated, and generally existed in the room with our lights. It was a calming, connecting, and overall lovely experience. 

Then in the blink of an eye, we packed it all up, cleaned out the studio, ate some Korean Tacos, and I was on the plane to the next place. 

Syracuse, here I come!