In July of last year, I received a phone call from my mentor, Kenton Yeager, offering me the opportunity to help create immersive, chromatherapeutic, touring yoga events. 

Who says no to that?

Last November, LYT Events launched at Porta in Asbury Park with our first yoga experience. 

This past winter with the help of the lighting team from the University of Tennessee, we were able to do a few tests on the next phase of LYT: the LYT Box. 

The culmination of this testing occurred this week. I flew up to Asbury Park, NJ on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon, a selection of interested partners stopped by our rented garage space to see what the box could do. Thursday at 12:30pm, we had a very mellow and centering yoga class followed by an immediate strike and race to the train so I could fly back to Knoxville that night. What a whirlwind. 

Here is a selection of photos that I took over the three day span. Our professional video and photography team will have more photos that I can share with you soon. 

Until the next adventure!